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Why choose a premium flan mix?

  • That is choosing experience.

    The very first flan powder mix according to authentic regional recipe that is quick, and with simple operations, ready to bake and serve to a shape or design of your choice.

  • Choosing convenience.

    The preparation requires no additional ingredients beyond tap water, is ready in no time, uses minimal kitchen tools and thus reduces your precious shopping, dishwashing and oven time.

  • And choosing authenticity.

    The baking powder was based down to the grain on a Ghent family recipe, contains East Flemish ingredients of traditional manufacture and is produced on Flemish soil to guarantee you an authentic Belgian product.

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Prefer it in a box or freshly baked?

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Orange mix available from fall

This fruity orange flan, which includes zest from organic oranges, is a typical Ghent variant of the widely known breugel flan. The dry powder preparation is currently being prepared for production according to our second family flan recipe. With this ready-to-use flan mix, you again only add boiling water. Delicious for breakfast or dessert. Be surprised by the fresh balance and the tasty marriage of speculoos, gingerbread and orange. The premium baking mix is packaged identically, and in our newly designed packaging according to a design by Ghent city illustrator David, hermetically sealed and dust-free for optimal protection and storage. Available from fall 2023.